Introducing Real World Performance Tasks

Real Life. Real Data. Real Challenges.

Engage your students with math that is relevant to them.

See What Teachers Are Saying About Real World Performance Tasks:

"My students didn't believe the numbers were real! It blew their minds that it was real data."

― Kelly A., Middle School Math Teacher, St. Louis, MO

"The structure was so easy to understand and work with as a teacher."

― Jessica, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Rochester, NY

"I loved how this project was ready to go. I didn't need to make any changes and could just pick it up and teach it the next day."

― Ann Y., 5th Grade Teacher, Cole Academy,
Lansing, MI

"My students really connected with the problems in this task because they involved games that they love and play daily."

― Colleen H., 5th Grade Teacher, Rolling Hills Elementary, Fairfield, CA

"My students said this was the most fun they had ever had in math!"

― Melissa H., 3rd Grade Teacher, San Bruno, CA

"My class was so much more interested in the math because they were learning about a book they had already read."

― Ms. Cotton, Milwaukee, WI

"App-tastic was really fun. I love the idea of getting to create your own app! My partner and I made the best app ever, and now I really want to actually make it an app. I also really liked having the money made by the companies available too, cause then we combined the two top selling apps into one."

― Emily E., 4th Grade Student, CA

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