Project-Based Learning Guide

Instructional Strategies to use NextLesson Performance Tasks & Projects in your PBL Classroom

Project-based learning (PBL) is a classroom approach where students learn by actively exploring real-world problems and challenges (as defined by Edutopia). Students are engaged in deeper learning, resulting in the creation of high-quality work.

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Using a NextLesson Project for PBL

NextLesson Projects are specifically designed to be ready to use and compatible with PBL in your classroom. All NextLesson Projects include our Key Components inspired by the Buck Institute for Education’s Essential Project Design Elements.

Below are instructional strategies, videos, and other resources that you can use in tandem with any NextLesson Projects to help you take a project and implement it to build a PBL experience in your classroom. You might decide to pick just one of these areas to focus on the first time and add others to your repertoire with practice.

Using a NextLesson Performance Task for PBL

NextLesson Performance Tasks offer many of the same benefits as project-based learning (PBL): beginning with a context and reason for the learning, requiring higher order thinking skills, and preparing students for the real world. As a result, it can be useful to transition from a structured Performance Task into a full PBL unit. You can use the following strategies to help you get started.