NextLesson Expands Interactive Lessons into English Language Arts

Online platform adds new features to deepen personal relevance and develop digital literacy

SAN FRANCISCO, February 7, 2017 -- NextLesson, a K-12 developer of applied learning resources that make learning personally relevant, today announced the expansion of its interactive Performance Tasks into English Language Arts. The expansion of its digital platform fills ELA-specific needs, including greater student differentiation according to reading level, model-text annotation and editing, depth of knowledge (DOK) indicators, and online assignment and grading of lessons.

With hundreds of interactive lessons spanning thousands of editions, NextLesson now supports digital learning in grades 3-12 for both Math and English Language Arts. The lessons combine NextLesson's approach of engaging students in real world problem solving through topics they care about, such as movies, books, sports, and celebrities, with features that personalize learning for students and save teachers time.

On the NextLesson platform, teachers now have multiple ways to make learning more personally relevant for students. In addition to choosing a high-interest topic (e.g. movies), they can now assign unique editions to each student and set the lesson at the appropriate reading level. All ELA Performance Tasks are available at three reading levels based on Common Core recommended bands: At Grade, Above Grade, and Below Grade.

To promote digital literacy, NextLesson's expanded platform features model-text annotation and editing capabilities. Using tools such as highlighting, underlining, and editing, students develop experience in real world document analysis. They apply the English Language Arts skills of reading, speaking and listening, and short and long writing across multiple text types such as informative, argument/opinion, and narrative.

"Immersing students in a variety of real world text types helps build 'textual intelligence,'" said Jim Burke, author of The Common Core Companion series. "I am impressed with how NextLesson creates opportunities for students to apply their language skills in authentic situations."

The platform also saves teachers time through integrations with learning management systems, online grading and tagging of questions according to Webb's Depth of Knowledge framework. Teachers can sync with both Google Classroom and Edmodo to upload classroom rosters and assign lessons. With online answer submission, NextLesson grades some questions automatically and offers standards-aligned rubrics for others. To make it easier for teachers to identify opportunities for higher order thinking, each question has been coded according to DOK level.

To ensure NextLesson ELA Performance Tasks can be used in all classrooms, all lessons will continue to be available in printable format at an At Grade reading level.

"NextLesson strives to close the opportunity gap in education. By offering lessons that meet student interests as well as reading levels, more students will have the chance to find learning personally relevant," said Dion Lim, Founder and CEO of NextLesson. "With our interactive experience, students also develop textual intelligence and digital literacy skills that prepare them for the real world."

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